Our Green Credentials

How we minimise our environmental impacts……. and with your help make a difference.

Solar Grid Connection:

We installed one of the region’s largest Solar Grid Connection systems.

Solar Hot water:

We installed a solar hot water system to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our green house gas emissions.

Energy – Electricity:

13 watt fluorescent energy efficient globes are used in 90% of all light fittings.

LED globes are increasingly replacing all down lights.

Water Conservation and our guests:

Taps and shower flows reduced from 35 litres per minute to 6 litres per minute.

Heating/cooling and the optimum comfort of our guests:

Bellevue B&B is a clean air house so there are no open fires or log burners.

We have a reverse cycle air conditioning and heating system that is zoned and temperature controlled for optimum comfort with the least energy used.


EnerLogic glass film has been professionally installed throughout the building in 2012. EnerLogic film transforms existing poorly-insulating windows into energy-efficient windows. The insulating power of EnerLogic gives single-pane windows the annual insulating performance of double-pane windows.

Cleaning products used:

Are made from natural Orange Oil and Plant Derived Ingredients.

Approved by “Good Environmental Choice Australia”.

Have biodegradable properties, safe for septics & ‘Biocycles’.


Organic vegetable waste does not go to landfill but into four compost bins.

Cardboard, paper, plastics and glass are recycled.

Guest waste is sorted and recycled where possible.

Guest involvement initiatives include:

Our guests help by separating waste into recyclable and general waste.

Using the shower clocks to monitor and hopefully, reduce their shower time.


We highlight our partnerships with wineries that produce bio-dynamic wines and local eco-aware sustainable wineries and restaurants.

Food Miles:

The majority of the ingredients used have low “food miles” (“Food miles” measure the distance between production and consumption).


We keep vehicle use to a minimum


We operate a minimal chemical use policy

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