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Not only is the McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Coast know for wine and beers but now for a large selection of spirits distilled right here in Region.


SETTLERS SPIRITS, MCLAREN VALE is a great destination for gin lovers with eleven gins on tasting (and counting) relax on the balcony with stunning views of the surrounding hills while deciding which gin to drink!

Settlers Spirits distillery door offers gin tastings for individuals, small private group tastings as well as gin and cheese pairings.

Visit the Distillery Door to taste and purchase their sloe ginpink gin, yuzu gin and many other exciting flavours from their own distillery, or find them at your local bottleshop across the country, or even buy online.

As boutique gin distillers, they offer a masterclass on the subject of gin. Learn the history of gin and how with has developed evolved through the centuries.

You’ll learn the different distillation methods that led up to today’s version of the classic dry gin. You’ll be taught how to judge a superior, craft gin from a mass-produced inferior one. What makes Settlers truly unique is that it uses a time-consuming distilling process that makes the most out of the botanicals that flavour the gin.

In most distilleries botanicals are put into the still with the alcohol, but at Settlers each botanical is individually vapour-infused in a copper pot still, resulting in a brilliant concentrated essence. The result is wonderful aromatics and clean, clear flavours with great length and clarity.

For the non-gin drinkers, they have Whisky, Rum, Vodka and Liqueurs!  Even if you think you don’t have time to get there you can always join the “Gin-a-month”™

Where to find it: 197 Foggo Road, McLaren Vale – about 5 minutes’ drive from Bellevue.

Settlers Distillery


Head up the long gravel driveway that leads up from Field Street toward the Never Never Distilling Co & Chalk Hill Wines, the whole of McLaren Vale opens up before you. 

Perched at the top of the highest hill in McLaren Vale the distillery and cellar door offer stunning 360-degree views overlooking the valleys and vineyards below

The versatile space is open for tastings, cocktails and retail sales, with a stunning outdoor deck, plenty of lawn space for a rug and a picnic, and a delightfully styled distillery door.

Never Never hones in on gin’s juniper base ingredient. They distil their berries over a series of three processes, and blend them with nine other botanicals such as Australian pepper berry, to create complex yet classic taste.

While you are here why not try the world’s best gin?

Yep, it’s made right here in McLaren Vale just a quick 3-minute drive (20-minute walk) from Bellevue B&B.  If you would like quite an outrageous cocktail experience look no further – you have found the right place!

Voted the World’s Best Classic Gin at the prestigious 2019 World Gin Awards in London, Never Never Distilling Co’s Dark Label Series packs maximum flavour and intensity.

To reserve your spot, you will need to pre-purchase one of their gin and tonic tasting flights, beyond that you can enjoy whatever you like.

Don’t forget to pop next door to Chalk Hill cellar door. The shared space is ideal for travelling groups — whether you fancy a grenache or a gin and tonic, this is the spot to sip it.

Never Never

Two Accents Gin

Two Accents Gin  is at the Fox Creek Wines Cellar Door (7 minutes’ drive form Bellevue B&B) and it is here where you can experience their Gin Flight.  The Two Accents Gin Flight takes about 30 minutes and is an opportunity to try two gins, matched with suggested garnish.

Two Accents Gin started with a meeting between a Brit (Laurie Bilby who was making sloe gin with her grandma at the age of 7!)  and an Aussie (the wonderful enthusiastic Adam Jacobs) who have been developing their unique recipes, using hand-selected McLaren Vale and South Australian botanicals.

Their batch-distilled Gins include a Shiraz Gin, Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin, and a classic Dry Gin.

All of their craft distilled gins are smooth enough to drink neat over ice. but If you want a long drink try their delicious Dry Gin with a great tonic.?

Crafted and batch-distilled in a traditional copper pot still in McLaren Vale, Two Accents Shiraz Gin has the amazing addition of McLaren Vale Shiraz made from specially selected fruit from vines which are over 100 years old.

A superbly balanced, smooth gin which on tasting over ice reveals warmth. Add tonic and a slice of orange in a Gin & Tonic and its amazingly subtle due its well-blended flavours. Its character is revealed in the intensity and aromatic tones of citrus, caraway, and apples

You can enjoy Two Accents in prebooked gin flights, gin and tonics or for purchase. Visit Fox Creek Website to book.


Penny’s Hill – Offering an awesome experience where you can relax with a MadMen gin and tonic on the lawns outside the original Carriage House, home to Flights Gin Bar, It is a 160-year-old carriage house, which has been recently renovated to reveal a beautiful slate floor.

This is a short 5-minute drive from Bellevue B&B.

The first batch of Mad Men Gin was distilled at KIS late last year.

The second batch came 12 months later. It’s the flagship product at FLIGHTS’ Gin Bar  which is open Saturday and Sunday afternoons  from Noon – 5pm

Behind the bar, Mad Men’s original gin sits alongside the full KIS range.

Mad Men Original Gin combines a traditional juniper, coriander, angelica and ginger foundation infused with a seductive blend of native quandong, cinnamon, lime and mint botanicals for a fine, floral gin of London Dry persuasion.

Fever Tree is the tonic of choice, but there’s also a range of Utonic kombucha spritzes. The first cocktail of the month is a quandong gin sour.

Pennys Hill owner Tony Parkinson says “The appeal of gin over wine is the endless experimentation,” There’s no distillery attached to the tasting room but there is an airstrip between the vines and Tony Parkinson plans to run day trips to Kangaroo Island Spirits by helicopter.

There is an old vine covered inn that has been on the on the corner of McMurtrie Road and Main Road since 1851. Salopian Inn is a very close 5-minute drive from Bellevue B&B or a 3.1km stroll if you prefer “shanks’s pony”

Salopian Inn

 While The Salopian Inn is known for their fresh local fare, at the last count it is also home to over 230+ gins (mostly Australian and South Australian  the list is extensive and diverse including two of their own gins.

The gin wall is spectacular and it is hard to choose which gin to try. The Salopian Inn offers a selection of gin cocktails. A fabulous way to expand your ‘gin’ tasting palate and experience some fabulous flavour combinations. However, we suggest that you Try ‘Up the Garden Path’ which feature botanicals sourced from their own kitchen garden. Or their ‘Happy Is The New Rich’ which showcases Asian flavours similar to those on their Asian-fusion menus.

For those in the know it is not just the extraordinary number of gins but also the accompaniments, the tonic waters (you read that correctly tonic waters!)  Fevertree Indian, bickfords dry, stangelove dirty or PS 40 Bush tonic.

You can taste your favourites or sample something new in an organised tasting flight.

Mt Compass Spirits

We featured the Martin Distillation Company (a small family owned and operated craft distillery based in Mount Compass, South Australia) a few months ago.

These guys are passionate about local produce and showcasing what South Australia and the Fleurieu peninsula has to offer. 

Needless to say, that they have been busy people sine then, that have unveiled their new look (and very popular) G3 and Berry Gins.

They currently have number of products available for purchase online including:

G3 Navy Strength Gin
Gin to the power of 3! Triple the botanicals of the base gin and high in alcohol to give a gin full of strength, Character and flavour.

London Dry Style Gin
A Dry style Gin of Juniper with earthy notes of Angelica and Coriander and light citrus flavours obtained from using the indigenous Lemon Myrtle. A light, crisp, clean and delicate flavoured Gin and again is a perfect option as a rail/first pour.

Berry Infused Gin
Juniper notes give way to bursts of Strawberry and Blackberry to give a smooth mouth feel. Mixed long with your favourite mixer and plenty of ice for a superb summer drink!   The berries are harvested from “Harvest the Fleurieu”  and the leftovers go in to produce “Berry Gin Jam” truly, does it get any better???

Mt Compass is only  a 15min drive via the Victor Harbor Rd from Bellevue B&B, however as yet these guys are either at a bottle store near you or via their online shop.

Ginny Pig Distillery

Start Small, Dream Big! That is the mantra of Craig & Bec, a husband-and-wife team working hard to make their dream of running their very own distillery come true

They are a craft distillery specializing in Gin and are based out of Flagstaff Hill.

Since officially launching, they have released three unique and incredibly flavoursome gins that are sure to tickle the fancy of any G&T aficionado out there.

Ginny Pig Distillery’s range includes a beautifully crisp traditional dry gin (best served as a G&T). There are definite Underlying tones of elder-flower, plenty of clean citrus notes including mandarin & grapefruit, making this one of your “Go to Gins”,

Another is the blueberry & vanilla gin which is certainly one of those who enjoy their gin a little on the sweeter side. This gin is a juniper forward gin best served with tonic, soda, lemonade or even your favourite Moscato. Bec & Craig suggest garnishing this gin with a slice of orange or fresh blueberries.

Ginny Pigs spiced fig gin is bound to be your new favourite with rich amounts of fig, cinnamon, ginger & clove on a subtle juniper base. It won’t disappoint! 

These guys even make their own edible garnishes such as dehydrated oranges and grapefruit to compliment your G&T. They do not currently have a tasting room; however, you can sample their mouth-watering gin range at the Adelaide Farmer’s Market (like you needed another reason to go to the market!)

Gin Distilleries in McLaren Vale & on the Fleurieu Peninsula