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Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

4 days 21 hours ago

There are lots of different beaches along the Port Elliot coastline.

Boomer Beach (just 35minutes from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale)is a beautiful and long expanse of beach.... not really for swimming as there are usually plenty of rips,(seriously if you have difficulty swimming this is NOT the beach to have a crack at!) but perfect for surfing.

Located along the coast to the west of Freeman Lookout . The beach has been named because of the huge, and let’s be serious here, often dumping waves which caused problems for the early sailing ships and are now favoured by body boarders.

Boomer Beach, when the waves are running, is one of the best locations on the coast. It is also known as a good place for whale watching. (May to September ) for more info www.facebook.com/sawhalecentre

It is wonderfully clean and as a general rule not too many other people so a great sport for a relaxing walk. Knights Beach is great for surfers and bodyboarders, but as we said before beware the dumping waves. You should also know this beach is unpatrolled (so no lifeguards)

Enjoy exploring the rocky pools and sandy slopes as you take in the view out to the Bluff, or take a surfboard down to Knights beach and try your luck catching a wave.

Located South-West of The Strand, Knights beach is best accessed via Hutton st, while the main carpark of Boomer beach is accessed from Railway terrace, via Carfax street or Bennett road. It’s great to walk from either of these points to the other, and back!


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

5 days 21 hours ago

Within 45 minutes of Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale is the wild, untamed, magnificent coastal region; home to Waitpinga and Parsons beach in Newland Head Conservation Park. Both of these beaches are great for surfing however you should note the swells can become extremely heavy. These beaches boast beautiful soft sand and are both great spots for fishing.

Parsons Beach also known as Pareena beach, lies immediately west of Waitpinga Hill head, and shares a cliff top car park with Waitpinga.

Waitpinga is an exposed beach that has the best consistent surfing this close to Adelaide. Recommended only for experienced swimmers and surfers with what may be considered dangerous conditions. There are rough waves, with powerful rips.

The walking track from the car park leads down to the eastern end of the beach. This was where we did our first ever trail run – you couldn’t ask for a more stunning location from the top of the cliffs and down to the beach – just beautiful. If you are truly lucky, you will see peregrine falcons as well as white bellied sea eagles as they like to nest on the cliffs.

Apart from the car park there are no facilities.


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

6 days 21 hours ago

Second Valley has become very popular over the years because it has so much to offer.

The beach is pristine and perfect for swimming and scuba diving; with great coastal hikes nearby and a small jetty which is great for a spot of fishing and snorkelling. Then there are the magical geological formations; there is a reason this is one of SA’s most instagramed destinations….

Less than 1.5 hours drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale. It’s a small beach so gets a bit crowded quickly.

An easy sealed road gives access from the main highway, and there is limited car parking by the beach.

Rocks around the beach offer shade depending on time of day. While most people go to Second Valley in summer but in winter the landscape is lush and green and you can have the place to yourself.

The rugged geological formations and steep coastal cliffs help make Second Valley unforgettable as is the history: there was a small port here in the old days, and there are various iron and concrete remnants to be seen.

While fisherers know it best for the fine fishing, whether it's from the jetty, rocks or from boats anchored in the bay. Its protected waters provide scuba divers and snorkellers with a memorable experience, with fur seals and Leafy Sea Dragons often coming out to play.

In short stunning!



Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 21 hours ago

At the bottom of the Fleurieu Peninsula you will find an absolute treasure.

Nestled within Deep Creek conservation park is Blowhole Beach, this is a must visit beach, about 1.5 hours drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale.

It is only accessible by foot or 4WD. There is a carpark at the top of Cobblers Hill that is 2wd accessible. There is also a lovely picnic area here. It is from this carpark that you make your way down the walking track.

The walk from Cobblers Hill can take a little time as the track is quite steep, however you are rewarded with beautiful scenery and on a gorgeous day Kangaroo Island clearly visible. There is plenty of native flora and fauna to see.

As you emerge onto the beach you are greeted with the glistening water and stunning views. Make the most of your time on the beach as the only way off the beach is back up the steep track to the carpark. So, you are going to feel virtuous both going out and going back!

The walk back up can be a wee bit of a challenge just go slow and remember it is so pretty you can stop frequently to “check out the view” (as well as catch your breath – double bonus!). Keep your eyes peeled as there are often kangaroos around.

Hint. Take plenty of water if you're walking and wear comfy shoes. Trainers are a great idea. Be prepared this is the most wonderous day trip – don’t plan this and something else as you feel robbed if you have to leave here early.




Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 1 day ago

With summer in the not too distant future it is worth reminding ourselves of how great the beaches are on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

This is one of our favourites, Southport at Port Noarlunga. It’s great for ducking down and catching a quick wave (for those of you who surf – we do not but do love watching them!) It is only a 15 minute drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale . This place has always been one of our go-to beaches, whatever the weather and is also great for running or just taking-in the scenery. Plus, the stairs leading down to the sand make for amazing photos.

The beach is beautiful with lovely white sand, doesn’t have any steep drop offs in the swimming areas plus its a great place to test your boogie board skills.

The nearby reef offers scuba and snorkelling opportunities. The very long jetty provides the opportunity to view water life from above. Dolphins are not unknown to be seen from here and fishing from the jetty is allowed. Honestly a reef!

South Port Beach is a well held and well-kept secret gem of the South Aussie coast and is served by the Southport Surf Life Saving club. The Onkaparinga River meets the Gulf St Vincent here and you can frequently see kayakers amongst the surfers.

Park on Penazance Street or Truro Street and walk across the river bridge to the sea. Chat to those hardy souls fishing on the bridge about their catch of the day, usually Mullet or bream. Better yet go for a swim.


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 2 days ago

Yangarra Estate Vineyard is a biodynamic winery in the McLaren Vale wine region, it is a very handy 14.4 km from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale.

The vineyard is certified Biodynamic (certification # 11587) with Australian Certified Organic.

Yangarra have quite a practical approach, with their philosophy focused around healthy and alive soil.

This involves the use of compost and biodynamic preparations, use of sheep in winter to graze under vine, and minimal mechanical soil disruption. There is no use of synthetic herbicides or fungicides.

Yangarra has 100 hectares and 35 individual blocks, plus creeks, nature corridors and native vegetation. The Grenache bush vines are dry grown, and pruned to very low bud numbers to ensure a modest yield.

Some are grown on Sandy Ironstone outcrops, and produce a slightly lighter and more fragrant version of the old vines. One of the easiest way to gather a little more info is to take a look at this YouTube vid! Yangarra -the story by Andrew Caillard MW (youtu.be/PiNZRFm5rv8)

You will be tempted and you can take part in a Single Estate tasting or a Single Block tasting (this one you need to book for!)

Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 3 days ago

From humble beginnings and big dreams Leon Hill and Tanya Blair’s passion for premium Organic and Preservative Free wines has led to their soon to be opened Cellar door on Twentyeight Road, a quick 2.4km journey from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale.

With many people, not only in Australia but across the globe focusing on long term health and wellbeing, specifically what they are ingesting and the effects these chemicals can have on their bodies. Organic practices contain no herbicides and no pesticides – none of the nasty stuff

Organic Hill Wines specializes in Organic, Preservative Free, Vegan Friendly, Eco-friendly wine. Free of the effects of artificial pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. With no synthetic hormones, no growth promoters, no fish or animal products, no GMO and no genetic modification of any kind.

And in the case of their Preservative Free ‘PF’ range, free from added Sulphur Dioxide and related preservatives.

Producing organic, preservative free, vegan and sometimes even biodynamic wines can be labour intensive and due to the processes involved, exposes the vineyard to losing an entire vintage. But the end result – delicious organic.

While the cellar door is not open yet there’s a thriving orchard of fig, lemon, apple and avocado, along with a newly planted vegetable and herb garden, which will soon be nourishing the neighbourhood, and any lucky visitors to Organic Hill’s cellar door.

Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 4 days ago

Situated an easy 1.4km walk from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Valethe family owned and operated J & J Wines are producers of premium Australian organic wine.

Back in the late 1990s Jeff & Joan Mason planted the now Rivers Lane organic single vineyard on their 5.5ha property.

The decision was made to transform the rich fertile acreage from what was previously an ostrich breeding farm to a quality Shiraz vineyard.

In 1998 the vineyard was planted in Shiraz variety and the first vintage was in the year 2000.

In 2010 the vineyard commenced the organic certification process and became fully accredited and ACO certified by 2012.

At the Rivers Lane vineyard, the superb growing conditions that has made McLaren Vale internationally renowned is equalled by J&J’s dedication to organic viticulture, sustainability and a family tradition of excellence.

Their Rivers Lane organic wines are produced without the use of artificial or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers and careful use of minimal sulphur dioxides prevent spoilage. Need something to go with your delicious organic shiraz – be tempted to site out on the veranda with a wonderful platter (all local).


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 5 days ago

Gemtree Wines, McLaren Vale, Australia is a family owned winery dedicated to growing better wine - naturally.

Their 124 hectares of vineyards are certified organic, biodynamic and are a pleasant 9km drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale.

For owners Melissa and Mike Brown, it is not just about winemaking; it is about setting new standards for sustainable, generational farming.

Their philosophy is simple - minimal intervention in the winemaking process and a more environmentally conscious farming system to produce certified organic and biodynamic wines which are powerful, concentrated, and express the true characteristics of each grape variety and the region.

Keep your eye out for the weed controllers (otherwise referred to as sheep) along with some alpaca’s, they are very nosy and will come over to “check you out”

Gemtree's sustainably built Cellar Door gives you a wonderful elevated view over McLaren Vale to the Gulf St Vincent beyond. While you are here check out their Biodynamic Hut, an informal interactive experience providing visitors with a deeper understanding of biodynamic viticulture.

And if that is not enough; they have solar panels and recycled water on the vineyards, so that you too can feel all warm and fuzzy supporting such an environmentally aware business.


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