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Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 day 13 hours ago

Less than 10 minutes from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale is the Willunga Golf Course

This course is considered one of South Australia's best public courses, with 200-year-old gum trees, creeks and great views.

The course is very well maintained and is available to be played every day except Saturday mornings (competition time).

Willunga Golf Course was formed in 1973 with the intention to develop a nine-hole course. Extra holes were added over the years and in 1991 the layout was designed to incorporate a residential zone within the course precinct.

Willunga opens strongly with a 391-metre par-4 dogleg right. The fairway is heavily tree-lined, which makes up for the fact there are no bunkers to be found on this hole.

What the opener lacks in sand, it makes up for with five bunkers, and a lake, protecting the large green, which lies just 260 metres from back markers.

Long hitters might like their chance of reaching the green from the tee, in the right conditions, but the shot must be very precise to avoid trouble.

The club also features a licensed bar and café, an extensive practice putting green plus another green to chip to, two practice nets, a driving range. Whenever the club is open so too is the driving range, you will be pleased to know the balls are real (not flight reduced(, it’s grassed, accurately marked out and lessons are available.

There is a fully-stocked pro shop that is open 7 days a week offering a full line of the latest golf equipment, clothing and accessories.


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale is at Tatachilla Lutheran College.

2 days 3 hours ago

Here to make sure this doesn’t happen here Woeful that this region is even considered

Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

2 days 13 hours ago

Where should I play golf today?

There are many wonderful courses all over the Fleurieu Peninsula including the McCracken Golf Club which is 40 minutes drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

McCracken Golf Club's international championship standard 18-hole course (designed by renowned golf course architect Tony Cashmore) and is a fine driving course.

Undulating fairways lead to manicured greens, amongst the picturesque hazards scattered throughout the course – 72 bunkers and 14 lakes & ponds which will sometimes be cause for even the best golfer to come unstuck.

But when you do take the risk, it can be duly rewarded, which is what makes this course such a competitive challenge amongst friends.

Bit of a bonus; tuition is also available to improve your game as well as flight scope, (a radar which tracks your golf swing and ball flight) to show which clubs are best suited to your swing.

As everyone knows all courses have the own local rules and here, they are. www.mccrackengolfclub.com.au/local-rules


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

3 days 13 hours ago

Mount Compass Golf Course an easy 15-minute drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

A challenging links style golf course designed by Neil Crafter of Golf Strategies; Mount Compass Golf Course offers a quality golfing experience for golfers of all standards. Not sure it’s your thing? Check out the flyovers they have for each hole! mcgc.com.au/course

Together with a practise putting green, expansive driving range and 18 quality golf holes laid over a gently undulating landscape, peppered with gorse, 89 tight bunkers and a few integrated water features, the course takes advantage of the sandy soils that dominate the area, making effective use of the original topography of the site and is brilliantly maintained.

You are definitely going to get your daily steps in here – all up the par72 course is 6100m (total length)

The club features challenging 18-hole links style public golf course, pro shop with full range of equipment and apparel, cart hire, driving range and lessons available, bar & restaurant open to the public

This links course could easily be walked and not many links course has water hazards but this one has and strategically located. Don’t want to walk it? Never fear they have you covered with a fleet of lovely new golf carts plus clubs for hire.


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

4 days 13 hours ago

The Flagstaff Hill Golf Club is the perfect location for your next great round of golf!

It’s an easy 30-minute drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

Opened in 1967 this course is popular with players and is great for players of all levels.

The Golf Course itself follows two natural creeks, meandering through the course to feed a man-made water storage facility known as Loch Hillan.

Loch Hillan not only provides top class water for maintenance of the course, but forms an integral part and frames what is the most picturesque 7th and 17th holes.

This course is best described as parkland, with tight tee shots down tree lined fairways, it is also undulating course with plenty of rise and fall.

So all up a testing yet beautiful par 72 and is fully established with 19 holes (1 spare to enable ongoing maintenance of other holes) of beautifully grassed fairways, tees and greens. With lots of attractive native shrubs and trees line the fairways, making it a most enjoyable place to play golf.

They love to see casual golfers but as with all things, bookings are now required through the Pro Shop 08 8270 2208


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

5 days 6 hours ago

Well the garden is beyond stunning in Spring

Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

5 days 13 hours ago

Moana Beach is only around 10-minute drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale.

It’s a popular beach for people to visit. We’ve headed to Moana numerous times and it has since become one of our favourite local beaches.

Moana is one of few beaches where cars are allowed to drive onto the beach. It’s great to be able to set up shade alongside the car and it makes it so much easier to unpack and pack up if you have people who may not be too mobile or a large family or group with lots of bits and pieces!

The ramp is located to the left of the Moana Surf Life Saving Club as you head towards the beach, the turn off is before the carpark

Once you find a spot to get settled its then time to enjoy the sand, sun and surf! It’s also perfect for ball sports such as beach cricket. Bring along a frisbee and beach ball.

For a snack or a full meal, the Deep Blue Café is a popular spot to stop in and eat or grab some takeaway. Located on the corner opposite the SLSC, it’s just a short walk from the beach and they have excellent coffee, great hot chips, cold drinks and ice creams. Actually the SLSC also has a beach side coffee shop.


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

6 days 13 hours ago

Maslin Beach, a quick 7-minute drive from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale, is one of the most impressive beaches in South Australia and maintained in almost pristine condition. This is like the beach meets Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) for the wonderous cliff colours, the stunning white sands and the crystal clear Gulf St Vincent.

The sand dunes that border the beach are stunning, especially illuminated by the setting sun and you can so do this as it is a west facing beach so perfect at sunset. Its high cliffs near Blanche Point provide a great picnic spot.

The southern end of the 3km long beach has the distinction of being Australia's first legal nudist beach, with designated areas reserved for nude bathing. Formerly the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics, the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games are held here annually.

The rest of the beach is a clad beach and this is our hands down favourite beach in SA; you turn left onto the Main St from Chalk Hill Road, right into Tatachilla Road then continue until you are in the carpark which is right at the beach! Bliss.



Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 13 hours ago

There are lots of different beaches along the Port Elliot coastline.

Boomer Beach (just 35minutes from Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale)is a beautiful and long expanse of beach.... not really for swimming as there are usually plenty of rips,(seriously if you have difficulty swimming this is NOT the beach to have a crack at!) but perfect for surfing.

Located along the coast to the west of Freeman Lookout . The beach has been named because of the huge, and let’s be serious here, often dumping waves which caused problems for the early sailing ships and are now favoured by body boarders.

Boomer Beach, when the waves are running, is one of the best locations on the coast. It is also known as a good place for whale watching. (May to September ) for more info www.facebook.com/sawhalecentre

It is wonderfully clean and as a general rule not too many other people so a great sport for a relaxing walk. Knights Beach is great for surfers and bodyboarders, but as we said before beware the dumping waves. You should also know this beach is unpatrolled (so no lifeguards)

Enjoy exploring the rocky pools and sandy slopes as you take in the view out to the Bluff, or take a surfboard down to Knights beach and try your luck catching a wave.

Located South-West of The Strand, Knights beach is best accessed via Hutton st, while the main carpark of Boomer beach is accessed from Railway terrace, via Carfax street or Bennett road. It’s great to walk from either of these points to the other, and back!


Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale

1 week 1 day ago

Within 45 minutes of Bellevue B&B Mclaren Vale is the wild, untamed, magnificent coastal region; home to Waitpinga and Parsons beach in Newland Head Conservation Park. Both of these beaches are great for surfing however you should note the swells can become extremely heavy. These beaches boast beautiful soft sand and are both great spots for fishing.

Parsons Beach also known as Pareena beach, lies immediately west of Waitpinga Hill head, and shares a cliff top car park with Waitpinga.

Waitpinga is an exposed beach that has the best consistent surfing this close to Adelaide. Recommended only for experienced swimmers and surfers with what may be considered dangerous conditions. There are rough waves, with powerful rips.

The walking track from the car park leads down to the eastern end of the beach. This was where we did our first ever trail run – you couldn’t ask for a more stunning location from the top of the cliffs and down to the beach – just beautiful. If you are truly lucky, you will see peregrine falcons as well as white bellied sea eagles as they like to nest on the cliffs.

Apart from the car park there are no facilities.


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