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Adventure Sports

NB Scuba

The Fleurieu Peninsula has some of the best dive sites in SA, including the EX-HMAS Hobart shipwreck, Second Valley and Rapid Bay where the famous Leafy sea Dragons can be found.

NB Scuba is a small business based in McLaren Vale (just a quick 4-minute drive from Bellevue B&B).

They provide a vast array of PADI courses, tours and guided dives.

You can do one of their highly recommended Leafy sea dragon tours and experience the majesty of the Leafy Sea Dragon in its own habitat.   The dragon itself is getting rarer to see now, so hop on a tour with an experienced guide.

For those of you with dive experience; join a dive at the Rapid Bay Jetty to see all the weird and wonderful sea creatures such as; blue ring octopus, eagle rays, weedy sea dragons and Port Jackson sharks.

NB Scuba

Southern Boulder

Southern Boulder is located on the Magpie Springs Vineyard just a 12-minute drive from Bellevue B&B. 

While the cellar door boasts a range of premium wines, fresh coffee, and onsite gallery one of their additions is Southern Boulder for those with a more adventurous spirit!

Southern Boulder is a rock climbing / bouldering gym that offers a range of activities including rock climbing, yoga, and slacklining.   Slacklining is primarily a balance-based sport that takes a bit of commitment and lots of concentration.  It is like tight rope walking but on a tether/line that has a little less tension and give to it.

Southern Boulder at Magpie Springs

Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventure

Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures: what do they do? Well they offer guided quad bike tours (around an historic working farm) and are located 15kms west of Victor Harbor or as we prefer to say only40 minutes from Bellevue B&B!

It is situated between two very popular surfing/fishing beaches, Waitpinga and Parsons Beach.

While on the tour check out the amazing views across the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Even if you have never done this before you will get a buzz as you ride your quad-bike all over the place including creek crossings, grassy plains and rolling hills.

All safety gear is supplied and there is a really good safety talk/demo beforehand. So why not give it a go? You have a choice between the Scenic Tour (1 Hour) or the Adventure Tour (1 1/2 Hours)

Waitpinga Farm Quad Bike Adventures

Paintball Sports

Paintball Sports offers a thrilling paintball experience. Loads of room to spread out across 46 hectares of bushland, their playing fields range from steep hills and gullies to flat speedball fields and include trenches, forts and bunkers. They have 9 playing fields and more are under construction.

All equipment is supplied and different packages are available.  There are plenty of guest facilities to make for a great day out.

Paintball Sports is located at South Australia’s Premier Paintball Park just a 25-minute from Bellevue B&B along Blackfellows Creek Rd in Kuitpo Forest.

They have a range of packages to choose from, all of which include clean and well-maintained overalls, ammo belt, safety mask and of course the semi-auto paintball gun ( a definite must!).

Remember – this is not for the faint hearted.http://www.paintballsports.com.au/

Painball Sports

Skydive the Southern Vines

Jump into the skydiving experience with Skydive the Southern Vines, and you’ll see South Australia in a whole new way.

Just over 5 minutes from Bellevue B&B, Leconfield Wines is the starting point for you to Skydive the Southern Vines.

You’ll meet up with your world-class instructors then head to the Aldinga Airfield. Here you’ll run through the training and safety procedures, and then gear up ready for your jump over the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

This is the only skydiving experience in Adelaide where you can take in views from Adelaide, right down to Kangaroo Island, the beaches of the Southern Fleurieu and the expansive vines of the McLaren Vale wine region.

Amongst the patchwork of vines, you’ll find your drop zone, the glorious Leconfield Wines cellar door. As you freefall at around 220 km/hr, the onboard high definition cameras will capture everything you’ll want to relive from the thrill of the jump (or maybe not!!).

Once your parachute opens you’ll have up to six minutes to take in the views as you glide over the coast and vines of the Fleurieu, and you can even take control of the parachute if you like, and steer towards the lush greens of Leconfield, where your friends and family can be waiting with a tasting plate and a glass of wine (and hopefully they have left some for you).

Skydive the Southern Vines

Adelaide Biplanes

Based at the Aldinga Airfield (15 minutes from Bellevue B&B), Adelaide Biplanes is all about delivering some of the most amazing flying experiences South Australia has to offer.

Experience the exhilaration of a big, classic, open cockpit Waco biplane flight along the stunning McLaren Vale wine region’s coastline.  There is nothing like the distinctive rumble of the big radial engine.

For an adrenalin-pumping experience, that literally puts all of your senses into overload then an extreme open cockpit Great Lakes biplane aerobatic trip offers a totally unique experience. There is always the option of day trips by air, private charter or the ultimate Lake Eyre Outback Experience

Take it all to the next step and actually learn to fly. They incorporate a Flying School for students of all levels. Always wanted to have a crack at flying? Well they have a Flight Simulator that can be configured to 3 different types of planes, so go on have a go.

While waiting for your flight you can relax and soak up the nostalgia of the 1940’s biplanes.  Nip inside and enjoy a gourmet bacon and egg sandwich, coffee, homemade cake or bickies straight from the kitchen. https://adelaidebiplanes.com.au/

Adelaide Biplanes

The Big Duck

The Big Duck is an 11.3 metre Naiad Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), purpose built for Southern Ocean conditions. The Big Duck offers a once in a lifetime tour spotting rare wildlife including whales, seals, dolphins and penguins whilst taking in breathtaking scenery and overhanging cliff faces. If you haven’t seen the bottom of Waitpinga Cliffs, this is a must do!

The Big Duck

Canoe the Coorong

Why not Canoe the Coorong. Stretching more than 140 k’s the Coorong National Park is one of SA’s most iconic natural wonders. If you’re looking for a new and unique way to experience the natural beauty and amazing wildlife, then Canoe the Coorong is for you.

Hop in a kayak and let the experienced team of guides take you on day you will not forget.  Of course, if your day is fully booked then you can’t go past the 3-hour Sunset tour at the Murray Mouth. Drive through Goolwa to the Murray Mouth (only 50 mins drive from Bellevue B&B)

Ph:0424 826 008

E: canoethecoorong@gmail.com


Canoe the Coorong
Adventure Activities in McLaren Vale & on the Fleurieu Peninsula